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heal without medication


more natural than this there is only
your imagination 👻👾👽
Sicilia - Italy
Aloe Arborescens from natural cultivation with ancient methods.
strengthens the immune system

Purify the organism in a natural way.

Stimulate the reaction
of the Body towards
the healing.

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The active ingredients for which Aloe is famous are developed only in adult plants with a minimum age of 5 years, therefore after the first flowering. Our aloes are grown in a rural area away from the inhabited centre, on land and in direct sunlight, so they produce 50% more active ingredient than those grown in a greenhouse. The flower gives us the certainty of their correct ripening.

100% natural


proven procedures

Specific and customized for the removal of aloin from the leaf, aloeine although widely used in herbal medicine as a natural laxative, can only be taken with a precise medical prescription.


Natural detox, defend yourself to the maximum, give strength to your body purified and detoxified naturally, the millennial use of Aloe in nutrition, allows the elimination of toxins from the body, increasing the body's ability to properly regenerate all cells, none excluded.


The simple elimination of the tip, the lateral spines and all the external green fibre leave us a succulent gelatinous transparent pulp, the Aloe gel, this must be used on an empty stomach, before meals.

Medical studies and direct experiences of all disciplines related to health show greater assimilation of the noble proteins of meat and fish after regular intake of Aloe according to this method; therefore you can: eat less, better assimilate and purify the body at the same time.


Clean the leaf by removing the tip and the lateral spines, make an incision in the middle along the entire length of the leaf, carefully clean the area of skin to be treated and apply the sectioned leaf on the part of the  gel in direct contact with the lesion and leave to act for about 20 minutes in the dark.

We recommend carrying out the whole Aloe preparation process and applying it in the penumbra, preferably indoors, as the Aloe gel is particularly photosensitive. The beneficial effects will be immediate and long-lasting, as the active ingredients of aloe act immediately on all three skin layers (Epidermis, Dermis, Hypodermis) by stimulating deep cellular regeneration of the skin.


pestle products AND ALOE CREAMS

The skin is the largest and largest organ of our body and is also the first defence against external agents, therefore it consumes a lot of nutritional resources and if it is not in excellent condition it takes away energy from the rest of the body, the skin is formed by three layers strongly connected but different in consistency and functions. With the pulp of Aloe, beneficial ointments have been made since ancient times aimed at maintaining the health of our skin, today Aloe is the basis of almost all cosmetic preparations. The Gel extracted from Aloe nourishes all three layers of the skin by stimulating and promoting Cell Regeneration in a completely natural way.

More natural than that, there is only your imagination

Natural, without herbicides, without pesticides, without pesticides, organic, grown under the Direct Sun, NOT IN THE GREENHOUSE, on the beautiful island of Sicily, away from sources of pollution in a fertile soil of the Catania plain, located in a terroir unique in the world between the Etna Volcano and the Ionian Sea; the plants we take care of are selected in 15 years of experience and research of the best qualities throughout the Mediterranean basin.